Pavement designs and surface stabilisation by Rombus Industries offer an eco-friendly non-polluting alternative to bitumen and asphalt surfaces on mining sites.

Crafted from 100% recycled, co-polymer polypropylene with an unmatched load-bearing capacity of 7000 tons per square metre, once filled, the Rombus grid paver is ideal for ground stabilisation of roads on mining sites as well as drainage stabilisation in hardstands, haul roads and equipment yards.

Extremely cost-effective when compared to traditional products such as concrete and bitumen, Rombus offers solid surface and erosion control opportunities faster, cheaper, cleaner and greener than our competitors.

Lightweight, compact and easy to transport, one pallet can accommodate 90 m2 of Rombus pavers which can be offloaded and assembled quickly with no special skills required.

Installation is simple and fast requiring labourers with minimal training and expertise. Chemically inert means the Rombus pavers can be used to assist water runoff and increase surface stability whilst reducing the need for unsustainable alternatives. 100% Australian designed, manufactured and owned.
Uses include

• Mine access roads
• Day yards
• Car parks
• Drains
• Camp paths
• Haul roads
• Hard stands
• Muddy and boggy areas
• Airstrips



Rombus is a cost-effective, and sustainable alternative to traditional paving and pavement solutions such as concrete, which needs to be washed down regularly and is subject to staining and cracking. DIY installation of the Rombus grid mesh solution is hassle-free, easy and fast and requires no special skillset.

• Golf courses
• Bike tracks
• Car parks
• Drains
• Paths and walkways
• Bitumen reinforcement
• Boat ramps

Meet the team or contact us for further info on the Rombus plastic geo mesh solution. Use our concrete slab cost calculator to see how much you can save on your next concrete slab project or handstand and you carbon footprint.