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Our flexible pavement design is an eco-friendly, non-polluting alternative to traditional products like bitumen and asphalt surfaces on mining sites. Made from 100% recycled, co-polymer polypropylene, our pavement has an unmatched load-bearing capacity of 10,600 tons per square metre, making it ideal for ground stabilisation and wear resistance. The Rombus grid is perfect for mining sites, including hardstands, haul roads, and equipment yards. With its 40mm thickness, it is a much thinner alternative to a traditional 350 mm slab, reducing the amount of concrete needed whilst exceeding the strength. Rombus is extremely cost-effective when large expanses are needed, and extra heavy-duty thick slabs are required for heavy-duty equipment.

Our lightweight, compact, and easy-to-transport grids can be quickly offloaded and assembled without requiring any special skills.
Our product has various uses, including mine access roads, day yards, car parks, drains, camp paths, hard stands, muddy and boggy areas, airstrips, and more. With our dust-free, gravel-free wearing course, the Rombus flexible pavement solution serves the same function as asphalt only with superior wearing and strength properties.

Trust our team to deliver a high-quality and durable solution for your concrete hardstand or slab needs.
Rombus Industries is a 100% Australian-designed, manufactured, and owned company.


Concrete damage is a major issue that can arise when heavy machinery is used on concrete hardstands. This damage can occur due to a variety of factors, such as the weight of the machinery, the frequency of use, and the condition of the concrete.

The weight of heavy machinery can put a significant amount of pressure on the concrete hardstand. This pressure can cause the concrete to crack or develop potholes, which can make the surface uneven and hazardous. If left unchecked, the damage can worsen over time and require costly repairs or even the replacement of the entire hardstand.

In addition to the weight of the machinery, the sharp edges of equipment can also cause damage to the concrete surface. The scraping and rubbing of sharp edges against the concrete can cause abrasions and scratches that weaken the surface and make it more susceptible to further damage.

Other factors that can contribute to concrete damage include weather conditions, the age and condition of the concrete, and the frequency of use of heavy machinery on the hardstand. Extreme temperature changes, exposure to moisture, and freeze-thaw cycles can all weaken the concrete, making it more prone to damage. At only 4 cm thick and subject to constant abuse for the last 2 years we are happy to report the slab is in great condition.



Rombus is a cost-effective, and sustainable alternative to traditional paving and pavement solutions such as concrete, which needs to be washed down regularly and is subject to staining and cracking. DIY installation of the Rombus grid mesh solution is hassle-free, easy and fast and requires no special skillset.

• Golf courses
• Bike tracks
• Car parks
• Drains
• Paths and walkways
• Bitumen reinforcement
• Boat ramps

Meet the team or contact us for further info on the Rombus plastic geo mesh solution. Use our concrete slab cost calculator to see how much you can save on your next concrete slab project or handstand and you carbon footprint.